City focusing on budget; Tucson among top 10 tech cities

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The mayor and council were given an update on the 2011 budget and there was discussion on budget balancing for the 2012 year.  The 2012 projected budget deficit is more than $50 million.

"What were doing is talking to mayor and council about getting direction from them to develop the fiscal year 2012, we've heard year after year that the rental tax is something tucson doesn't embrace and mayor and council does not embrace the rental tax either,"

The Mayor and council plan to work with city manager Mike Letcher on ways to get the budget down for 2011 and 2012.

And members of the city's IT department, recognized today for helping make Tucson one of the top 10 most technologically advanced large U.S. Cities.

That according to the Center for Digital Government. Tucson ranked 9th in the group's 10th annual report, released in November.

The study looks at how city governments use digital technologies to run things more smoothly.

Boston, Massachusetts is the top tech city.

Tucson was 4th in 2009.