Jury will now decide if convicted killer lives or dies

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PHOENIX - Will he live or die? That's the question jurors must now decide in one of the most high-profile murder cases in Phoenix in years.

Much of Jackie Hartman's family spoke about the devastation, depression and anxiety her death has left behind.

Those stories touched the jurors, leaving many of them in tears.

“She thought it was cute my wife and I met at a gas station,” said David Hartman, her father.

Never did Jackie, 19, think her chance meeting with a man at a gas station would result in her death, but she never did come home from that first date with Jonathan Burns.

It's the ongoing torture that the grieving family is forced to endure and shared with the very jury that will decide if Burns gets to live or die for raping and killing Jackie.

“I pray for the day I can stop screaming inside and just really smile,” said Cara Hartman, her mother.

Then Burns, who remained silent up to this point, addressed the jury.

“I can't begin to say how sorry I am for what happened to Jackie,” he said. “I'm not some heartless monster. I think about what happened to her everyday not because I want to, but I can't help it.”

Now it's up to a jury to decide if Burns will spend the rest of his life behind bars or be put to death.