Tucson elementary school honors Giffords' aide

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TUCSON, Ariz -- Valentine's day was a memorable one for Ron and Nancy Barber.  The two were honored by 340 students from Sam Hughes Elementary School.

The kids opened the morning assembly with the song "We Shall Overcome."  A selection that had a special meaning for Barber.

"It's a song that I can relate to back when I was a high school kid involved in the civil rights movement. And we have another thing to overcome, which is this tragedy, and I really much appreciated and touched by what the kids did this morning," said Barber.

Parents in attendance agree the event is helping the healing process for the children in Tucson. While the children are helping Barber as he recovers from being shot on January 8.

"This was very touching for him I am sure, these children are so sweet and so thoughtful, they made 300 luminaries that they put up in my patio it was just so touching and so moving for me," said Barber's friend, Ross Raderstorf.

Barber feels that the message of over coming this tragedy will happen.

"And the kids said it right, 'We Shall Overcome,' and we will," said Barber.

Ron Barber was shot in the leg on January 8 while attending Giffords' "Congress on Your Corner" event and is currently going through physical therapy.