Unsettled, cooler weather coming our way by weeks end

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PHOENIX – After some gorgeous days in the 70s, a cold front will start pushing through by about Thursday. We’ll go from a high of 76 degrees on Wednesday to just 66 degrees on Thursday.

The large storm system that’s coming our way is out in the Pacific right now, and is already bring some rain and snow to areas in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest up through Oregon and Washington.

In the next couple of days, we’re going to start seeing some increasing cloud cover from the west. Winds will start increasing tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. While there is a chance of rain by Thursday, it’s not a particularly good one. It’s more likely that we’ll see some rain when the second half of the front moves through Saturday.

Today’s high will be 79 degrees under partly sunny skies. Tonight it will be partly cloudy with a low of 51.

We’ll see a bit more cloud cover tomorrow and some breezy conditions. The high will be about 76.

The big change comes Thursday with a significant temperature drop and a 20-percent chance of rain in the Valley and a better chance snow in the high country.

It looks like the main portion of the storm system will hold off until Saturday. Chances are a bit higher for rain and the temperature will drop even more. Plan on high in the low 60s Saturday and Sunday.