Wolf drops lawsuit over Green photo; More speech improvement from Giffords

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The family of a victim of the January 8 shootings upset a Tucson photographer who threatened to sue the media over the use of a photo he took.

After Christina-Taylor Green died, her parents shared a photo of her with many news outlets.

Tucson photographer Jon Wolf owns the copyright and threatened to sue the media who showed it.

Jon Wolf issued a statement Monday which reads:

My actions regarding this matter have been misunderstood and sadly mischaracterized.

My intent from the beginning always has been to use the proceeds from my creative work to make a charitable donation in Christina green's memory.

I sought and received the Green family's approval to do so.

At no time did I intend to profit personally from this tragedy.

As a result of the mischaracterizations in the news coverage and the resulting community outcry, and in the hope of saving the green family from further association with this matter, I have chosen to halt filing legal action in the hopes of reaching negotiated settlements with those that have used this image.

I will turn the proceeds collected to date over to a charity in Christina's honor.

I truly and deeply regret the additional distress this matter has placed on the Green family, and I apologize for that.

The Green family issued a statement through a family representative which reads:

Jon Wolf, as we have painfully learned, showed poor taste in his choice to litigate over the usage of his photograph of our little girl Christina-Taylor Green.

Our intent was not to allow others to profit from the Jon Wolf image but to allow the media to portray our daughter in the best light possible and to tell her story.

It is unfortunate that he has chosen to litigate over the use of his photograph at this time, or at all, in light of the fact that our family is still mourning and grieving the loss of our daughter.

And Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is responding to conversation and lip-singing to songs.

That's the latest update from doctors at a Houston rehab facility where Giffords is recovering from a gunshot to the head.

Just last week, we got the first report that she was talking a little, saying words like "toast."

And already, she is responding to people with short, partial sentences, and mouthing the lyrics to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

Giffords was one of 19 people shot during an event with her constituents outside a Tucson grocery store last month.