360 Physical Therapy and Aquatic Centers

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It's easy to let minor aches and pains go for long periods of time due to busy schedules. Untreated aches and pains will inevitably get worse. That's the thing.. these aches and pains are actually trying to tell us something. So, when is it time to see a Physical Therapist?  When those minor aches and pains don't go away. People associate physical therapy with having to be in bad shape and that's not the case. It's important to see a physical therapist early on for early intervention. Most insurances and AHCCCS plans cover the treatments.

The therapists at 360 Physical Therapy and Aquatic Centers will spend 75 minutes with their patients during the first visit to really get to know their patients and their injuries. Something unique about 360 Physical Therapy is that there are no assistants, no techs and no trainers. All staff at all seven locations are Physical Therapists. This means each patient during each visit will get a licensed physical therapist therefore getting more out of their time and money. If you have a nagging pain that won't go away contact 360 Physical Therapy and Aquatic Centers for a consultation.