Tucson has heart and shows it

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tucsonans took advantage of the beautiful weather Sunday to get out and show some love for those affected by the January 8 shootings.

Volunteers for Tucson has Heart prepared Hi Corbett Field for one of the biggest displays of local love.

"How big is Tucson's heart?  We'll show you," said Herb Stratford from Tucson has Heart.

Hundreds of people would be called to gather on the green, and form the shape of a heart.

The goal, to show the community's spirit can outshine the shootings.

"Tucson is not just about these shootings and that there is a great group of people here who call Tucson home. This is an example of what we can do if we all get together," said Stratford.

"I'll always remember that day," said Anaya Sosa.

Sisters Anaya and Elana Sosa say the celebration of solidarity feels right.

"It's pretty much like a funeral without being at the funeral," said Elana.

Even seven year old Taya Ramos gets the message.

"We're showing that we're having good, but we're showing that they should have good, too," said Taya Ramos.

Sundays heart event was two fold.  To raise money for victims funds and to beat a world record for the most people in a heart formation.

"I said I want you guys to be part of something bigger than yourselves and here we are," said Shannon Schofield.

Shannon Schofield brought her family to help reach the record. The magic number is 12,500 people.

"To the line right there with your arms out," said Stratford.

Everyone got into place and even first responders working the event found a special spot under the Tucson name. Then came the chopper with a photographer on board.

"Then we photograph that from the air, we're going to make a poster and post cards so we're going to sell those," said Stratford.

The snap shot would only capture about 2,500 participants. Tucson missed the record by a long shot, but the money raised would go a long way for the victims and survivors.

You can still get your own "Tucson has Heart" T-shirt at the Mama Louisa's restaurants and the Old Father Inn.

Organizers plan to start selling the posters and post cards on March 1 at all Tucson Quick Marts.