Busy day ahead at state Capitol

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PHOENIX - There is a busy day on tap at the state Capitol as two laws are considered, along with an announcement on the state’s economy and the celebration of Arizona’s 99th birthday.

The first measure lawmakers are considering requires hospitals to check citizenship.

Senate Bill 1405 says patients would have to prove they are citizens before receiving non-emergency care. If they can't prove they're in the U.S. legally, hospital officials would be forced to call immigration officials.

For patients receiving emergency care, once they're treated and stabilized they would be required to prove citizenship, as well.

Texting and driving may be illegal statewide if a bill banning the act works its way through the legal process.

Senate Bill 1538 will head to a committee Monday. So far, only the city of Phoenix has a law against texting while driving.

If passed, drivers would still be allowed to dial a number and talk on the phone.

Thirty-two states and the District of Columbia have laws on the books banning texting while driving.

Also, Gov. Jan Brewer announced the special session will consider an economic development package that includes phased-in business tax cuts, relocation incentives for projects that create jobs and transforming the Arizona Commerce Department into a quasi-private authority focused on economic development.