New facility helps fire crews prepare for the worst

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Catastrophic events rarely happen in Tucson, but as we learned January 8, emergency crews have to be ready just in case. That why Golder Ranch Fire is preparing for the worst.

High risk, low frequency. A phrase used many times by Golder Ranch in Catalina to describe the type of training they are about to get from their new tower.

It's a multifunction, training station the fire district just installed.

"We're able to do live burns for the firefighters and do such maneuvers as repel, confine space rescue.  There's a variety of mazes inside that the guys and gals can practice their techniques," said Susan Clark of the Golder Ranch Fire District.

And the fire district was already putting the tower to good use. Thursday fire recruits and fire fighters we're going through all the things this structure can do.

"I'm not gonna lie, a part of this is definitely a big kid playground.   We love every second of it," said EMT recruit Tris Collins.

Every second of it they say is needed. And now that they have the tower in their own backyard, they don't have to travel more than an hour to the only other fire training facility in town off of Wilmot Road.

"The fact that we don't have to travel an hour and a half is gonna maximize our time here so that we can learn more and we can get more repetitive," said Collins.

The structure cost a little over $260,000 And took about four months to construct.  The tactics they learn on the structure will rarely be used in the field.

But as we learned last month, you never know when you might need it

"You have to be prepared for every situation, no matter what," said Collins.