Parents and students unhappy with Rincon restructuring

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tuesday night, the Tucson Unified School District's board voted to overhaul Rincon High school, much to the chagrin of many teachers and students who showed up pleading for them to not do so.

Wednesday parents and kids reacted to the news.

It was hard to tell anything was wrong when you drove by Rincon High today, but when you talk to a student, its a different story.

"I don't think they should fire any of the teachers," said student Keith Beach.

Parents thoughts were similar

"I think it's a little head of time, they should take more inventory of what they got , not just get rid of the whole staff or even half the staff," said a grandparent of a student, Bill Kapper.

The TUSD board's 3 to 2 decision to completely overhaul Rincon High means every teacher will be fired. They can reapply for the job, but, at most only, 50% of them will be hired back.  But that's not where the turn around begins.

"It starts with that principal and then it creates a school culture based on the people that choose to be there," said Superintendent John Pedicone.

The district will begin the turn around searching for a principal to lead the school back from a dismal performance that got them into this mess in the first place.

"To do anything less than a turnaround model that begins to change this culture from the bottom up will not work," said Pedicone.

But that kind of talk didn't sit well with parents.

"I'm a parent there, I see what goes on everyday.  We got good teachers there."

"I would personally say its very frustrating."

But what's been done is done, and now Rincon High will be renovated from the inside out.

Palo Verde Magnet High School faced a turnaround also, but the board delayed action on that school.