New magazine wants to be go-to guide for Arizona medical marijuana

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

Now that medical marijuana is legal in Arizona, there is a lot to learn about the industry and its impact on our state. A new magazine wants to be your go-to guide.

Anyone from patient, potential business owners and even those individuals who have no idea about the benefits of medical marijuana, we're trying to reach them all,” Shadi Zaki said.

Zaki is the publisher of a new magazine called The Green Leaf. He hopes it will be the guide people turn to when it comes to being in the know about medical marijuana in Arizona.
“In 2008 a medical marijuana bill passed in Michigan,” Zaki said.  “I have a lot of friends and family there and so I knew what was going on over there. And one of the things that was lacking was a source of information. I saw that need over here as well and I thought we could fill that.”

Zaki and his team have been working hard to produce the free monthly resource guide since Proposition 203 passed in November. They've already released two issues.

“People see the publication and see it's professional and that we focus on certain aspects of it such as legislation, the medical side of it as opposed to the recreational user,” Zaki said.

The magazine will also feature everything from new marijuana products to recipes even book reviews.
“We know what type of product we had and it was just a matter of getting it out there and once it got out there, people started calling us,” Zaki continued.

Our magazine is held in doctor's offices, professional places and that's what has really set us apart from those recreational reefer magazines,” Kui Mi Oh said.

Oh is the director of The Green Leaf. She said what also sets the magazine apart is who's providing the content which includes medical experts, lawyers and patients’ personal stories.

“It's changing the quality of life for some people who are in extreme pain,” Oh said. “If you're a cancer patient and going through extreme amounts of chemotherapy, you don't feel like eating, you’re nauseated. So a solution is medical marijuana.”

Whether you're a medical marijuana supporter or not, Zaki said the magazine is providing people with the facts on a law that is here to stay.

“We will always have the skeptics to deal with and the parents and anyone else who wants to criticize the plant that's marijuana,” Zaki said.  “They don't really look at the medical side of it and whether we provide that information or they get it elsewhere, it's out there and at least we provide it in a professional manner.”