Border Commissioner Bersin says border not a warzone

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- With Arizona making the news recently regarding numerous issues especially when it comes to its border with Mexico, many people may think it's a war zone.

But Tuesday we heard the exact opposite, at least from one side of the border.

"The day of voluntary returning of illegal aliens is over in Arizona. If you come here you will have a consequence," said Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Alan Bersin.

Bersin joined Department of Homeland Security officials for a news conference Tuesday morning to announce results of collaborative effort called the alliance to combat transnational threats

"Over the last two years the department of homeland security has engaged in an unprecedented effort to secure the southwest border," said Bersin.

The department touted how much the ACTT has done since it's inception in September of 2009.

Over a million pounds of drugs have been seized along with hundreds of weapons and counterfeit money.

"The Arizona border is the busiest remaining on the U.S. Mexican border both in terms of legal trade and in terms of the illegal activity," said Bersin.

But commissioner Bersin insists what they're doing on the border is working and the stats prove it.

"Border apprehensions which are a key indicator of illegal immigration are less than one third of what they were at their peak," said Bersin.

The commissioner also believes ranchers are better off now than after rancher Robert Krentz was killed last year on his property, presumably by an illegal immigrant.

"I think the ranchers themselves would say the traffic coming through their ranches is considerably reduced from what it was in past years," said Bersin.

Some border ranchers may disagree with Commissioner Bersin's assessment.

A little over a week ago, the Arizona Cattleman's Association visited the state legislature to demand greater security.