One month since Tucson shooting

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- One month ago, the horrific shootings on Tucson's northwest side killed six people and wounded another 13.

No major public observances are planned, but it's still very much on the mind of Tucsonans.

Two well-known-witnesses returned to the scene of the shooting.

It was business as usual at the Safeway on Ina and Oracle Monday. On January 8 the same Safeway was the site of a grave tragedy.

"I was actually there I worked for congresswoman Giffords before and I happened to be at the Safeway, so I saw it all and I came within seconds of myself of getting shot," said Jacquelyn Jackson.

Jacquelyn knows she could of been in the line of fire on that Saturday. By chance she stopped by and ran into an old friend, Ron Barber, who survived the shooting spree.

"Ron had asked me a question and wanted me to call someone so I ran to my car to get my phone," said Jacquelyn.  "Just when I grabbed it, the shots started, and I turned back around and I saw him shooting and saw my friends down."

One of those friends was Pam Simon, Gabrielle Giffords Community Outreach Coordinator.  She was shot twice on January 8.

Pam returned to the shopping center Monday for the first time since the shooting, along with Giffords intern Daniel Hernandez.

Jackson says the process of healing for the two, and herself, will take a while.

"Some days good, some days not so good, and I think that's for everybody," said Jacquelyn.  "Different things can trigger and you just keep going on and being grateful."

Tuesday likely will be an emotional day.

Landmark title assurance agency which is in the Safeway plaza plans to hold a remembrance event.

"Because of the employees here, because where we're located.  Because of how we all feel when we walk into this shopping center to do something to help the community," said Mary Ann Christensen from Landmark Title Assurance Agency.

Although a month has past, feelings about the tragic events of January 8 have not faded.

"Still in our minds every time we walk up the corridor here to the other businesses, we go and talk to the Safeway employees, we where there the other day its very emotional still one month later," said Jacquelyn.

The shooting remembrance held by Landmark Title is set to start at 11 A.M.Tuesday at La Toscana Plaza on Oracle Road at Ina.