Bill that allows public to carry guns into government buildings debated

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PHOENIX – A bill that would allow members of the public to carry guns inside government-run facilities was up for debate Monday.

This bill would allow people to be armed inside a building such as the Arizona Capitol as well as state-run college campuses like Arizona State University.

Supporters of the bill say more guns in more places would also mean more security.

“If you’re going to secure the building, then you have to have a metal detector or you have to have an armed security agent with a metal detector,” said Arizona Sen. Ron Gould.

“They’re encouraging gun-toting individuals to carry their guns all the time everywhere and it’s not putting a priority at all on community safety,” said Hildy Saizow with Arizonans for Gun Safety.

If Senate Bill 1201 passes, Arizona would be the second state in the country to allow people to carry guns on public college campuses.