Southern Arizona General honored

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Across the country 23 women hold the rank of General in the United States Army. One of them is stationed just 75 miles southeast of Tucson at Fort Huachuca.

For the past three decades Jennifer napper has committed herself to this country, serving in the United States Army.

Friday napper's country honored her.

"I frankly never never dreamt, of this honor," said Major General Jennifer Napper.

Dozens of civilians and soldiers gathered for a special ceremony to recognize napper's promotion from brigadier major general to major general, the fourth highest army ranking.

She's one of two women major generals in the country.

"What makes it exciting is watching young soldiers and civilians learn for the first time how much they can do and you watch them grow," said MG Napper.

It's a process napper knows too well. After serving for so many years, She has lived everywhere from Alaska and Hawaii to Germany, and has received nearly a dozen awards for her service.

"My family is the reason why i serve and the reason why i can serve," said MG Napper.  "Without my husband I could not do any of this."

Napper's goal is to motivate the men and women working under her.

i just want to get it right.

And continue to selflessly serve with honor and dignity, just as she has for the past 30 years.

"It's an honor and a privilege to continue to serve and pretty excited about the chance to serve for a little bit longer and take care of these great soldiers here at network enterprise technology," said Napper.

Another woman officer from Fort Huachuca also recently received a big honor.

President Obama nominated Major General Susan Lawrence to be appointed Lieutenant General and serve as Chief Information Officer at the Office of the Secretary of the Army in Washington D.C.