Tucson shooting memorials taken down, protected

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It sprung up without notice, without anyone asking for it.  Within minutes after the horrific shooting on January 8 that killed six and injured 13 others, Tucsonans began putting candles, flowers, notes and thoughts in three different locations around town.

Nearly a month later, those memorials came down, but many of the mementos will likely be seen again.

"So here we have several setups, bekins has set up three sites here, all the boxes and of course its a cold morning and we're having trouble with the tape on the boxes," said Stephen Brigham from the University Medical Center.

On one of the coldest days of the year, It was time to say goodbye to a familiar scene.

"It's a sad day and also a happy day, we are coming to closure on this chapter of this tragedy," said said Brigham.

It was time to pack up the thousands of mementos that have been placed on UMC's front lawn the last few weeks.

Bekins had moving vans, cardboard boxes and packing materials set up to collect everything.

Giffords' office was also being packed up at the same to as well as the safeway where the shooting happened.

All the materials will be stored underneath a parking garage at UMC, protected and locked.

"Everythings happening at the same time and hopefully by the end of the day we'll have everything packed up and we can move on to the next chapter of this," said Brigham.

UMC volunteers braved the frigid cold to help out.

"UMC invited any of the staff to volunteer to help to package the mementos and all of us feel it should be done properly and respectfully," said UMC Nurse Jane Kerrigan.  "it's been an amazing experience very sad but has brought so many people together.  It's, in many ways, been a good thing too."

What started as a sign of sadness, ends as a sign of hope and strength.