Fabulous centerpieces for your Super Bowl Party

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PHOENIX -- Are you ready for your Super Bowl party?

Susie Timm, owner of Girl Meats Fork, showed Kaley O'Kelley and Scott Pasmore a few fabulous -- and some of them yummy -- centerpieces that are sure to be a hit.

Stadium Centerpiece

The Field:
1 lb. Guacamole
15 oz. queso dip for Steelers end zone
15 oz. salsa for Packers end zone
2 oz. sour cream for the field lines
The Players:
15 Vienna sausages
Helmets – 3 oz. sharp cheddar cheese
The Goal Posts:
1 Slim Jim for each goal post
1 oz. Monterey Jack cheddar to anchor (each)
The Stands:
58 Twinkies
1 lb. of bacon
1 bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos
1 bag of Cheetos
1 bag of corn tortilla chips
1 bag of Chex Mix