Cold weather creates havoc in un-accustomed Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The cold weather wreaked havoc all over town Thursday morning as pipes froze and heaters stopped working.

Emergency crews had their hands full and it'll stay that way for another 24 hours.

"Walking to class your face is like numb and it just feels like its gonna fall off," said U of A student Sarah Mahoney.

"Our dorm the heats off right now, so its like the same temperature inside as out, so it's freezing," said Morgan Cater.

"My custodian called me at 6 A.M. this morning to tell me there was no water inside the school," Julie Laird.

A chill gripped the city Thursday morning that residents aren't usually accustomed to.

"In the 7 years I've been here at Schumaker we've never had a situation like this," said Laird.

Classes were canceled was shut down at both Schumaker and Urquides Elementary Schools because of no water or heat in the buildings. Making for a snow day of sorts for students, just with out the snow.

At the U of A, students were bracing the cold to get to class.  There were similar scenes all across town. 

Tucson water was seeing a crisis like never before.

"I couldn't even begin to tell you how many calls we have," said Fernando Molina from Tucson Water.

The call center could hardly handle the influx and all their contractors were out in the field dealing with the hundreds of broken pipes and water damage plaguing the whole town.

"These extreme cold temperatures we really don't design our systems here in Tucson like they might in Michigan or something where water pipes are buried 13 feet below ground and pipes are built in vaults with heating systems," said Molina.

That was most evident at Tucson's central fire station when a pipe burst this afternoon there minutes before an emergency news conference.

Tragically, two bodies were found Thursday morning by TPD, believed to be related to record low overnight temperatures.

Friday morning saw continued cold related issues as a burst pipe leaked water which pooled in the intersection of Grant Road and Stone Avenue which quickly froze and created a driving hazard.  Tucson Police diverted north and south bound traffic away from the intersection and restricted traffic on Grant as crews cleaned up the ice.