Another very cold day ahead, another freeze warning tonight

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PHOENIX -- While it might not feel like it now that the wind has died down here in the Valley of the Sun, it was already colder Thursday morning than it was Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday, we topped out at a mere 44 degrees, which is a new record for the coldest high on that date. It was also the coldest high ever for Phoenix in February and the coldest high in the Valley since 1985.

While it is going to be cold Thursday, it shouldn't be quite that cold.

Shortly before 6:30 a.m., every location in the Phoenix-Metro area, with the exception of Queen Creek, which was hovering at 34 degrees thanks to some 14 mph winds, was at or below freezing. Chandler and Maricopa were the coldest at 27 degrees.

There was a hard freeze warning, which means temperatures would be below freezing for several hours, in effect Thursday morning for some parts of the Valley. That was due to expire at 10 a.m.

The mass of cold air that's sitting over the state will stay put for at least another day. Another freeze warning will be in effect Thursday night into Friday morning.

Plan on a high of 48 degrees today. Overnight will be clear and cold with lows in the high teens in the outlying areas and high 20s in town.

Things should start warming up tomorrow. We're looking at a high of 57 degrees Friday, 66 on Saturday and 70 for Super Bowl Sunday.