Tucson mother speaks about arrest of carjacking murder suspects

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Just three days ago three men turned themselves into authorities at the border in Nogales.

Tucson police wanted Christian Vasquez, Orel Vasquez and Juan Leon in connection with the death of Brenda Arenas.

Now that they are behind bars, Brenda's mother is sharing her thoughts.

"I lifted my hands in the air and then thanked god and fell to my knees in my daughter's room."

An emotional Esmeralda Lopez remembered her reaction last week when she found out three men were in custody for the 2009 carjacking attempt that shattered her world and took the life of her 15-year-old died daughter Brenda Arenas.

"I am very thankful there was justice made and they're not running the streets as if they did nothing wrong," said Esmeralda.

Knowing the three men accused of gunning down Brenda have been moved to the Pima county jail brings Lopez a sense of peace, but she knows the arrests won't bring Brenda back.

"Not because they have been caught will I stop having hate towards them," said Esmeralda

That pain of losing a teen age daughter is always on her mind.

"Day after day, night after night, her absence grows stronger and hurts more," said Esmeralda

But her Brenda's memory still brings Lopez joy.

"Brenda was very joyful girl, she was never sad, she was always was smiling, she was very special," said Esmeralda.

Lopez also takes comfort in her belief that Leon and the Vasquez brothers will pay for their crime.

"Finally, there will be justice," said Esmeralda.

Tucson police say the investigation is ongoing and detectives are still attempting to identify additional suspects in the case.