Some Tucson students to become 'Digital Explorers'

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Some local students are about to become Digital Explorers.

Next month, Fifth graders in the Sunnyside School District will receive net-books as part of the Digital Explorers initiative.

The goal is to get kids using technology in their course work, and the netbooks will make it easier for students to continue their studies at home.

One students says, until now, she's had to rely on a relative's computer set-up.

"Because we have to drive all the way over there just to do smething real quick and then we have to go all the way back so it would be a lot easier if i had internet," said Fifth Grade Student Renee Maldanado.

This next net-book giveaway is part of phase two of the initiative.  In the first phase high school students received the netbooks.