Tempe police seized over 2,000 fake IDs on Mill Avenue in 2010

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- The Tempe Police Department seized more than 2,000 fake IDs used in the Downtown District on Mill Avenue last year.

Between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, Tempe police and businesses with liquor licenses seized a total of 2,064 fictitiously used identifications by underage people trying to get into various bars and restaurants.

The total number was down slightly from 2009 when 2,098 IDs were seized.

The top three locations were the Mill Avenue Cue Club, Club Cherry/School of Rock and Zuma.

Officers found the most used fake IDs were from Arizona. California and Texas ranked second and third, respectively.

Tempe police continue to provide training to the downtown businesses on what to look for and recent trends when it comes to spotting fake identification cards.

A person found trying to use a fake ID could be arrested and fined.