NYC investigation examines Arizona gun sales

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Gun shows are common here in Arizona. We have several each year. In fact, there's one at the Pima County fairgrounds this weekend.

Monday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg argued they're helping put too many illegal guns on city streets.

A Glock 9, semi-automatic, with a 33-bullet magazine. The identical weapon used by Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner.

A weapon purchased by one of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's undercover investigators.

"If you have a criminal record, a history of drug abuse, or even if your name appears on a terrorist watch list, you can still walk into a gun show and buy a nine millimeter," said Mayor Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is upset over Arizona's gun laws.

"After the tragic massacre in Tucson we decided to investigate the issue in Arizona," said Bloomberg.

His investigators went to the "Crossroads of the West Gun Show" in Phoenix to video tape and warn the nation on how easy it is to buy a gun from a private seller at an Arizona gun show.

The video captures a revealing exchange at the gun show:

Investigator:  So no background check?
Seller:  Nope.
Investigator:  That's good because I probably wouldn't pass one, you know what I mean?
Seller:  Yeah, that's good.

"Because of the lack of background checks gun shows have become magnets for criminals," said Bloomberg.

Local ATF officials say Arizona residents have the right to sell as many guns as they want as long as it's from their own private collection. State and federal law does not require them to do a background check or even ask for id.

Once the guns are sold, by law, the private seller can not restock his or her collection for the purpose of selling.

"There are strong people in Arizona, we believe in the constitution and we certainly support the second amendment," said Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

As of Monday morning, Governor Jan Brewer said she hadn't heard about Mayor Bloomberg's investigation and doesn't feel and gun laws need to change.

"We believe out laws are fair and just in the state of Arizona," said Governor Brewer.

Mayor Bloomberg says he'd like every gun sale to require an up to date background check.  Which should include any kind of mental illness a person suffers from.

He also says there's already a bill proposed in Congress that would ban the sale of high capacity magazines to the general public.