Two recall efforts for SB 1070 sponsor

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Arizona Senate President Russel Pearce is now the target of two recall efforts.

Monday, a group called "Citizens for a Better America" went to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett's Tucson office with recall letters in their hands. They say the senator's action on immigration issues is hurting the state.

Pearce, of course, sponsored Arizona's controversial illegal immigration law, SB 1070.

"Here in Tucson I am interested because he's now the president of the senate which means he pretty much a leader in our whole state and I'm not pleased with his politics and the efforts he's putting out and what he's already done in our state," said Kristel Foster from Citizens for a Better America.

There is an additional recall effort underway in Phoenix. The group will have to collect more than 7,700 signatures by the end of May to move forward.