Freeze warning for tonight, next 2 nights

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PHOENIX – While our weather conditions aren’t as severe as conditions in other parts of the country as a monster winter storm pounds the Midwest and East, we are definitely in for a reminder that it is still winter -- even here in the Valley of the Sun.

A chunk of Arizona, including the Phoenix-metro area, is under a freeze warning for tonight into tomorrow morning, tomorrow night into Thursday morning -- which is expected to be the coldest -- and Thursday night into Friday morning.

Temperatures throughout the Valley could drop into the 20s. While we’re going to see clearer skies and a bit more sunshine today, cold air is moving in. One of the big changes we’re going to see weather-wise is some strong winds.

We’ll top out at 62 degrees today, dropping down to 35 in town overnight. The lows in the outlying area will be in the 20s. Take the proper precautions with your plants and pets.

It will be just 48 degrees and very windy tomorrow, so plan and dress accordingly.

The overnight low Wednesday into Thursday should be about 29 degrees, possibly lower, in town. The overnight winds look like they will be in the 15- to 20-mph range, with even stronger gusts.

Not only will those winds make it difficult to keep those tender ornamentals covered and protested, they will also create a windchill that will make those temperatures in their 20s feel more like teens. A hard freeze warning is possible at some point Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

According to the 3TV Forecasters, we're looking at the coldest weather we've seen since 2007, and the strong winds are going to be a big contributor.

It will stay windy Thursday as things slowly warm back up, but those overnight lows are going to stay quite cold.

The low is expected to go up a few degrees to 32 for Thursday into Friday.

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