Wristbands for Tucson shooting victims and recovery

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A new accessory is encouraging Tucsonans to take a stand against violence.   Another wrist band has hit the market in response to the Safeway shooting, and this one will help students learn to help others.

Turquoise, for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords favorite color.  And a message, for those touched by the Safeway shooting.

"Danielle actually saw the sign that said peace love and Gabby which was on a sign a little girl left in front of the vigil outside our office and we rolled with it," said Giffords intern Ryan Pont.

Congressional interns are selling the new wrist bands for a buck a piece.

Proceeds go to a scholarship in honor of Gabe Zimmerman, to help undergrads further their studies in social work.

"We actually had a nick name for him, the constituent whisperer.  Because any angry constituent would come in and he'd be able to get them cooled down," said Pont.

Ironwood Ridge High School students continue their wristband sales for the victims fund.

"Of course we're happy to have them," said Manish Shah of the Oro Valley Farmer's Market.

Organizers of the farmers' market provided a venue for wristband sales.  For Manish Shah, support for Gabby is personal.

"We're both university high penguins so we both went to high school together class of 1988," said Shah.

Even the customers have connections to those recovering.

"I have known Ron and Nancy Barber since 1972 I taught their children in preschool," said customer Melissa Harris.

Tens of thousands of the bands have already been sold but it's more than just giving to a good cause.  Customers say they want to continue a vibe support and respect.

"If we allow these kind of things to happen and dont react to them we're going to be less of a nation," said Karl Schaffer.

"This has definitely brought a lot of people to gether which I think we really needed," said Lisa Marks.

The students involved in the fundraising say congressional rules don't allow the Giffords office to get involved in the effort, but they rely on fellow classmates and mentors to organize and market the wristband sales.