Grassroots effort to recall Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer launched

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PHOENIX (AP) -- There's a recall effort aimed at Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

A filing Friday with the Arizona Secretary of State's Office allows the start of a petition campaign to collect enough voter signatures to force a recall election of the Republican governor.

Tommi "Mimi" Pryor of Chandler is listed as the applicant on papers filed on behalf of the Committee to Recall Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

The application's statement accuses Brewer of mishandling the state's finances and damaging vital services, including health care and education among other things.

Pryor said it's a grass-roots effort but one that may require use of paid circulators to force a recall election.

While Pryor acknowledges that the effort faces an uphill climb, she notes that California had a governor ousted in a recall election in 2003.

Pryor, a Republican who works in marketing, declined to disclose specifics of the campaign but said talks are under way regarding financing and potential backing.

Forcing a recall election would require submitting signatures of 432,021 voters by May 28.  Collecting that many signatures could require $1.5 million, Pryor said.

"We're not going to let that hold us back in the meantime," she said. "It's definitely going to have to be a grass-roots effort."

Arizona nearly had a 1988 recall election involving then-Gov. Evan Mecham, but the election was never held because Mecham instead was ousted from office through an impeachment conviction by the Arizona Senate.

Brewer was elected to her first full term in November. She was secretary of state in January 2009 when Democrat Janet Napolitano's resignation elevated Brewer to the governor's office.