Deportation costs billions; Ranchers calling for better border security

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Deporting illegal immigrants costs the U.S. billions of dollars.

The Deputy Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it cost almost $5 billion last year.

That breaks down to $12,500 per deportee.  An estimated 11-million people are reported to be in the U.S. Without proper documentation.

And concerns about border security brought a group of southern Arizona ranchers to the state capitol Thursday.

They say there has been no significant improvement since Rancher Robert Krentz was killed on his land in march of last year.

Authorities believe he was killed by an illegal immigrant.

In december, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed during a gun battle in southern Arizona.

The ranchers are working with Senator Sylvia Allen to pass a bill that calls for increased security on the Arizona-Mexico border.

"It is my intent to put the Arizona legislature on record to support the restore our border plan. We want to inform the arizona delegation that border security is a major issue for arizona and we must take action now."

"During the state of the union the president vowed to protect our borders while pushing for immigration reform.  Mr. President we need you to secure our border.  We need the federal government to free americans from the harm and danger that exists everyday."

The senate's border security committee passed a bill Thursday supporting the ranchers' plan.

One rancher reports finding the bodies of illegal immigrants on his southeastern Arizona cattle ranch and coming face to face with dangerous drug smugglers.