Catapault may not be strangest smuggling method Border Patrol has seen

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Drug smugglers have tried all sorts of methods to get their product across the border.

The latest, a catapult smugglers used to shoot marijuana over the fence in Naco.

But it might not be the strangest smuggling method Border Patrol has seen.

It's being referred to as the Medieval drug smuggling method. This video shows the catapult national guard troops saw on security cameras last week as smugglers prepared to shoot 45 pounds of pot over the border.

"I've never come across a catapult myself," said Border Patrol agent Jason Rheinfrank.

The national guard worked with border patrol agents and mexican authorities to seize the catapult.

It's not a common method, but border patrol agents aren't surprised.

"We've seen everything from handheld sling shots to tying little strings onto football sized bundles to throw them north into houses... trucks with a fixed ramp over the truck so they could just pull right up to the fence and drive the vehicle over," said Rheinfrank.  "We've seen zip lines with fishing line so they can send it up and over across the border in someones house."

Then there was a case from a couple of years ago. One Rheinfrank says might be even more bizarre than the medieval method.

"Somebody wearing a scuba tank, crawling through the sewage system, dragging bundles of dope behind him," said Rheinfrank.

Rheinfrank says increased security is forcing smugglers to get creative. 

Right now there are 560 national guard troops along Arizona's stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border.

The majority support border patrol operations.

"With the unprecedented amount of infrastructure and technology and personnel we're putting a lot of stress on the cartels.  So, they're trying as hard as they can to get as much of their product up north as possible," said Rheinfrank.

Border Patrol agents aren't quite sure what other drug smuggling methods they'll discover in the future.

"I'm not sure whats left," said Rheinfrank.

But they're keeping their eyes open at all times.

Border Patrol says the most common method used to get drugs across the border is drug mules.