Tucson building second 'bike boulevard'

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The City of Tucson is set to construct a new "bike boulevard," it's second.  It's designed to allow riders to get around safely with less automobile traffic.

"And essentially it's a three mile corridor from Prince south down to University Boulevard.  So, we're going to be connecting to our busiest bike way in town," said Tom Thivener from the City of Tucson.

That bike way is University Boulevard, where many people ride to work or school.

The problem for the bicyclist is the traffic and the speeds of the cars on around the 4th Avenue area.

"The average speed, we did a radar test 38 MPH and its a residential street posted at 25," said 4th Ave Resident Barbara Martin.

Construction on the bike boulevard on 4th Avenue and Fontana Avenue is expected to begin on February 7 and should be finished by the end of March.