Natural alternatives to treating cancer

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Dr. Huber has seen over 120 patients with cancer diagnosis since she has opened her clinic and has had tremendous success with natural treatments of cancer. Of the people that have come to her clinic 80-90% are feeling well now, or got well during treatments and continue to feel well after treatments & some have evidence of complete confirmed remission.

Dr. Huber tracks her patients by calling each of them every year to see how they're feeling, how active they are and if they're working. Data can be viewed on Dr. Huber's website. Because of Dr. Huber's high success rate people come from all over the U.S. for the treatments and even as far away as Japan. Per Dr. Huber, her success rate is better than any clinic in the world that she knows of so far.

Part of the treatments includes intravenous nutrients as Dr. Huber states, "We use this because you simply cannot swallow enough pills to defeat such a vicious disease as cancer." Dr. Huber uses treatments that go straight to the tumor and specifically target the cancer cells.

Two of Dr. Huber's cancer patients share their story:
Verle Palmer was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in fall of 2007, he caught it early,
went through surgery, went through chemo and radiation treatments for 4-5 months. He was pronounced cancer free for a year and then the cancer came back to his lungs. At this time Palmer decided he didn't want chemo and looked for other alternatives that is when he found Dr. Huber on-line. He's been in treatment for 14 months and was only given six months to live and right
now is feeling very well and continuous to live an active life.

Maria Garcia was diagnosed a year ago with stage three ovarian cancer. She also had surgery and chemo and went into remission in July and in less than three months the cancer came back. Garcia was offered salvage chemo and knew it wasn't for her. She found Dr. Huber and chose
alternative cancer treatments. Today she lives a very busy life working 40 hours a
week and taking classes after work. She said she feels like she's 15 years old and is full of energy. Currently her cancer has not grown and she is not in pain.

Both Verle and Maria want people to know that there are other natural alternatives to treating cancer. The best way to contact Dr. Huber and learn about the treatments and data is through her website