Phoenix police investigate fatal gun battle

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PHOENIX - Phoenix police say a man was killed Thursday in a gun battle near 89th Avenue and Indian School Road.

According to Phoenix police, three men were talking in front of an abandoned house around 1:30 p.m. One man was on foot and two others were in a maroon car.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson said at some point gunfire was exchanged between the man on foot and at least one man in the car.

The man on foot ran westbound on Fairmount Avenue and the car followed. Shots continued to be exchanged and a man in the car was shot.

At 89th Drive and Fairmount Avenue, the car stopped and the victim was pushed out of the vehicle and onto the street. The car then fled the area.

The man on foot continued to flee and was last seen between two houses in the area.

The victim, identified as Brandon Edwards, 25, was taken to an area hospital where he died of his injuries.

One person was taken into custody, but investigators aren't sure exactly what role, if any, that person played in the shooting.

Detectives are still investigating.