Legislature votes against construction of casino in Glendale

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GLENDALE, Ariz. – The state Legislature is putting a stop to plans for a casino in Glendale.

The Tohono O’odham Nation wanted to build a casino located in the area of Northern and 95th avenues.

The Senate on Wednesday followed the House in a vote that would allow Glendale to annex the land without the tribe’s consent.

That move means the Tohono O’odham Nation cannot build on that site.

Gov. Jan Brewer is expected to sign the legislation. A tribal chairman says that decision is “illegal” and plans to fight it.

The City of Glendale issued the following statement following the Senate’s vote:

“The City of Glendale is very thankful the Republican leadership of the Arizona Legislature who stood strong against any attempt by the federal government to remove land from the state’s jurisdiction without the approval of the state.  Moreover, Glendale is proud of the Legislators who took the time to understand the true and accurate circumstances surrounding the need for this bill in many situations, including the federal government and the Tohono O’odham Nation’s blatantly disregard the interest of Glendale’s citizens and West Valley neighborhoods.  With the passage of HB 2534, the Legislative Leadership provides solid support for states’ rights, individual private property rights, and the voices of local communities.  With the support of Governor Jan Brewer, HB 2534 will become law and Arizona sovereignty and the rights of all property owners will be respected.”