Another customer complaint about Gilbert car company

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GILBERT - Sally McCarthy has driven classic cars all over the world.

One photo was snapped at the pyramids in Egypt.

Others were taken when she took part in the Peking to Paris, a race beginning in Bejing and ending in Paris.

“Five and a half thousand miles,” Sally recalled driving.

We interviewed her via Skype from London, England where she lives.

She e-mailed 3 On Your Side after purchasing a rare, 1964 ½ Ford Mustang online from a Gilbert company called Arizona Connection.

“I paid $18,600 which was for the car and shipping,” she said.

But seven months after buying it, Sally still doesn't have the car.

She says she's tried countless times to contact Arizona Connection but that her calls and emails go unanswered.

“So he has my money,” she said. “I don't have the car.”
This isn't the first time 3 On Your Side has come in contact with Stanley Torgerson, the owner of Arizona Connection. 
Our previous reports involve customers who claim they too were ripped off by another company owned by Torgerson called International Classic Auctions.
3 On Your Side tried to ask Torgerson about the accusations.
We went looking for Torgerson.
Four times we went to his property in Gilbert.
While he never talked with us again in person, Torgerson told us by phone he doesn't even have Sally McCarthy's $18,000 car.
Torgerson first told 3 On Your Side he'd give her a refund but later he scribbled and faxed a response saying in part:
"All materials related to resolving the sell [sic] of the 1964 mustang to my attorneys [sic] office which he feels he can reach a finale [sic] soluation [sic] in a very quick time frame."

We did some more digging and found court documents show over the past eight years, Torgerson has had a string of judgements against him totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So the question is: where's the car?

Torgerson says he is basically a broker.

He says he's had trouble getting that car from the seller so at this point, Sally just wants her money back.

Both ICA Auctions and Arizona Connection have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.