Former students arrested for threats against Marana school

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MARANA, Ariz. -- After this months shootings, it's fair to say everyone is on alert for threats.

A parent helped police catch two former Marana High School students who they say used Facebook to make threats against the town's school.

It all began Monday night.   A parent of a Marana high student called police about some postings on Facebook that her son received.

"She notified the police and we responded and were able to track those threats to these two individuals," said Sgt. Tim Brunenkant from the Marana Police Department.

The two individuals are Otis Bartley and Jake Brown, who graduated from Marana High last year.

They allegedly posted four statements, including, "Marana won't know what hit them tomorrow."

"The comments on Facebook indicated that the threats were going to be cared out on campus today, on the 25," said Sgt. Brunenkant.

Marana PD notified the school district and sent some officers over to make sure everything was safe for the students.

"We were also informed by Marana police department that there was no indication that a threat was going to be cared out, we were able to proceed with the school day with no disruption," said Tamara Crawley of the Marana Unified School Dist.

The disturbing thing about the incident for some, is why Bartley and Brown allegedly made the postings.

"They did say they posted these comments on their Facebook page, their comments was this was only a joke," said Sgt. Brunenkant.

A joke that had neither the police nor the school laughing.

"We take these threats very seriously, we know law enforcement takes these threats very seriously," said Crawley.

Both the Marana Police Department and the school district are thankful that a parent stepped up and told them about those postings.

"And without this parent coming forward and bringing it to to the appropriate attention we may have not known this information," said Crawley.

Brown and Bartley were placed in a Pima County jail Monday night and have since been released.

The two will be charged with misdemeanor.