Permanent memorial contemplated for Tucson shooting victims

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- More improvement from Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The word came Monday from her doctors at a hospital in Houston, Texas.

In the meantime, according to CNN, Giffords watched an hour of television from her hospital bed, a development husband Mark Kelly reportedly called "exciting."

The memorials for the victims of January 8 shooting are located mostly in 3 different locations.

The Safeway where it happened, UMC and the front of Giffords' office.

Now talk of a permanent memorial is beginning, but where would it go?

Even some who have seen them before still get choked up.

"It's just a big reality check for me to see all this," said a memorial visitor who couldn't say more after her emotions took hold of her.

Safeway has a memorial, UMC has a memorial, and so does the front of the midtown office complex where Gabrielle Giffords has her office.

As the days roll on, what to do with them is still in doubt, but one thing is for sure, many people believe a permanent memorial should be built, but where?

"It's a very difficult question and one that's gonna take some thought by some smart people," said a memorial visitor.

"The memorials have become a critical way for this community to focus on what happened and come to term with it and you cant understate the importance of that," said Giffords' Communications Director C.J. Karamargin.

Other questions remain:  Where to put it and how to pay for it.

"Probably both places," said a visitor.  "Those are all the things we have to consider. I do think that Tucson in general would help fund it."

Safeway representatives said talks are underway about a permanent memorial there, but nothing is set in stone.

At UMC, where the largest temporary memorials exists.  And right now?

"We're just trying to maintain the site, we're not getting into any discussions yet or develop any plans for a permanent tribute," said Stephan Brigham from University Medical Center.

Something long lasting almost certainly is coming, but where and when is still unknown.