Crews at Tempe Town Lake continue search for missing man

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Search crews are once again scouring Tempe Town Lake to try and find a man who has been missing for nearly two weeks.

They suspended the search Wednesday night without finding anything related to Willie Jigba. The operation resumed at 9 a.m. Thursday.

Jigba, 24, was last seen leaving a party at the Sotelo Apartments in the area of Scottsdale Road and Weber Drive at about 3 a.m. on Jan. 15. Because he could not get a ride, he walked the 2-1/2 miles to his home, passing right by Tempe Town Lake.

Friends and family became concerned when Jigba did not show up for his first day of work at Kona Grill the next day.

Friends have been passing out fliers and have created a Facebook group in an effort to find Jigba. Police said from the beginning that they do not believe Jigba is a danger to himself or to others. They also said there have been no indications of foul play.

On Wednesday, members of Find Me will scour the area around Tempe Town Lake with the help of help of search dogs.

When Jigba first disappeared, one of his friends said he was especially concerned because Jigba does not know how to swim. The party where Jigba was last seen is not far from the lake and Jigba had to go by it on his way home.

Find Me was established by former federal agent Jerry "Kelly" Snyder in 2002 to help find missing children, but the organization has since evolved. Today the group works to help find missing people of all ages. Find Me's membership is unique in that includes not only retired law enforcement officers, certified trackers and professional search and rescue volunteers, but also psychics.

Find Me's website calls psychic information an "investigative tool" meant to provide official investigators "with information that may not be discovered otherwise."

Find Me searchers with dogs were out on the lake Sunday. The dogs picked up a scent, but because it was windy, searchers wanted to take the dogs back out to try and narrow down the potential search area. Just because the dogs picked up a scent does not necessary mean that Jigba is in the water. Human scent on the water can have many sources.

If the dogs confirm the scent, the Tempe Police Department dive team will be called in.

Jigba was last seen wearing a blue and green flannel shirt over a black Jack Daniel's T-shirt, jeans and purple Vans. He's 6 feet tall, weighs 190 pounds, and has brown eyes and black hair.

If you have any information about where Jigba might be, call the Tempe Police Department at 480-350-8311.