Man says he ended up stuck when electric wheelchair stopped working

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CHANDLER - Catchy commercials for a company called Hoveround are what caught the attention of Carl MacKay.

He man needed an electric wheelchair after a devastating accident.

“A drunk driver hit me in the afternoon and ran me over,” he said.

Right in the middle of a busy intersection in downtown Manhattan.

“It's changed my whole life,” Carl said. “I mean, I used to be a happy-go-lucky guy. I mean, you're going out for a haircut and you never expect this to happen.”

The wreck crushed the right side of Carl's face, left him unable to walk and with little use of his right shoulder.

“So I can't use the manual wheelchair,” he said.

So, an electric wheelchair seemed like a perfect fit.

Carl bought a Hoveround in early October for $3,000.

But, less than three months later, the batteries on his wheelchair died, and now, barely hold any charge.

“See I have the one blinking light,” he said. “Not good.”

Because the Hoveround was under warranty, Carl thought getting replacement batteries would be easy.

“They tell you every day the batteries are coming, supposed to be here yesterday, supposed to be here today, this was last week and the week before. Still waiting for the batteries,” he said.

With no charge behind his chair, Carl was pretty much stuck inside his apartment.

So he and his brother decided to e-mail to 3 On Your Side.

“I mean, I'm chained here,” he said. “I'm afraid to go too long. I mean, I can't go too long. I mean, forget about going outside, or anything like that because I lose the charge.”

After 3 On Your Side got involved, Hoveround sent a representative to Carl's apartment and replaced his batteries and his charger.

Hoveround even waived a labor fee which Carl says saved him about $100.

“You don't know what a relief this is,” he said.

Carl says now that the battery is fixed, he's very happy with his Hoveround.

“I got a full charge here,” he said. “And that's good.”

He thanks 3 On Your Side for giving him back his independence.

“So I thank Channel 3 for speeding the process up or whatever,” he said. “But, I know had you not come they wouldn't have been here Monday.”

Hoveround tells 3 On Your Side problems with batteries and chargers is not an ongoing problem with its products.

Hoveround also apologized for taking so long to resolve Carl's complaint.