'Water bottle bombs' being set off in Sierra Vista area

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SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. – Sheriff’s deputies in Cochise County are investigating several incidents of suspicious activity involving so-called “water bottle bombs.”

Deputies responded to two separate incidents in the Sierra Vista area over the weekend.

While investigating the incidents, deputies discovered that several more had taken place over the past three weeks but were not reported to authorities because nobody knew what was causing the explosion sounds.

Water bottle bombs or “works bombs” are a combination of a plumbing solution and tin foil mixed with water inside a bottle. The chemical reaction creates a buildup of gases that detonate much like a small explosion.

The sheriff's office said these types of explosions have been known to sever fingers and cause second- and third-degree chemical burns. The explosions can potentially cause blindness.

Authorities said the bottles recovered so far in the area appear to have been used for prank purposes, but these types of bombs have also been used for domestic terrorism in other states.