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Tis' the season for the unwanted cold and flu and usually Moms know just what to do.  So I decided to ask a few of my gal pals what their all natural remedies are to make their kids feel better when illness invades the home.  I just love some of their answers, so I'm sharing it here.  First I'll start with what we do in the Harris household.

Rachel's Remedies:
*Rest and cancel everything.  This is a hard one for me because when I give my word that I'll be   there or that my kid will be at practice, I feel instant guilt when I make that cancellation call.  I have learned to get over that.  And now my kids get over their illness faster because we stopped life for a few days to do nothing, but rest. 

*Oscilloccinum is a homeopathic medicine that has no side effects and is non-drowsy.  I first heard about the tasty quick-dissolving pellets from a friend who swears by it for herself and for her family.  She says to take it at the first sign of feeling run-down or ill. 

Soon after she told me about it, I heard Dr. Theresa Ramsey, NMD endorse it on our show.  She is the amazing naturopathic physician that appears on the show every Tuesday.  She told me that Oscillo (as I call it for short) is effective and safe for everyone, but that it needs to be taken early, before the illness locks into the tissues like pneumonia or a sinus infection.  My kids love it because  it tastes like candy.  It is sold at drug stores and our family swears by it.

*We use a humidifier that not only helps the kids to breathe easier, but the white noise and machine's light actually puts them to sleep.  Plus in our dry climate, it really helps with congestion.

*Good ol' chicken noodle soup is one of the few things I can get my kids to eat when they feel sick.  My friend, Jill says that her family swears by a brand called Mrs. Grass Chicken Noodle Soup.  Her husband's family has used this soup for three generations.  She tells me to be sure to add celery and carrots to the soup for added nutrition.  I found my box at Fry's.

*EmergenC is another family favorite that we drink the minute we begin to feel ill.  Dr. Ramsey has also commented that she likes EmergenC.

*We have a designated sick room where the infected one lives until the illness is done.  This helps to keep those pesky germs from spreading, plus my child has a place to stay put, watch TV and ring a bell when I'm needed.  The bell, although annoying, is the perfect tool because my kid knows that I can be quickly summoned.  And the bell prevents them from spreading their germs as they parade through the house in search of me!

Gal Pal Kim's Remedy:
Mother of three kiddos, her big go to solution for sinus issues is a pediatric netipot.  She admits that her kids dislike it, but all agree that it works wonders.  Dr. Ramsey is also a big advocate of this all natural treatment.  I found one made by NeilMed that works for both adults and children at CVS. 

Gal Pal Michelle's Remedy:
Mother to two little girls, Michelle tells me that when they have a sore throat, she gives them hot water with lemon and honey.  Since they won't drink tea, her doctor told her that adding lemon and honey to warm water works the same way that tea does.

Gal Pal Julie's Remedy:
Julie has one son who doesn't get sick often, but when he does it is usually strep throat.  She tells me that mangos are soothing to his sore throat.  She also gives him Gatorade to keep him hydrated and finds that the sports drink seems to be easier on his tummy than water.  Plus she told me that all natural frozen fruit bars can numb the back of a sore throat, too. 
And if your child has strep throat, replace the toothbrush.  My pediatrician once told me to buy a new tooth brush after strep because the bacteria can live on the brush and re-infect your child.  Get the new toothbrush after your child is no longer contagious, but before finishing the antibiotics. The bacteria can live in the toothbrush and re-infect your kid when the antibiotics are done.

Gal Pal Val's Remedy:
Mother to four kids, all under the age of six, Val swears by apple cider vinegar.  At the first sign of illness, she gives her family a quick cocktail made with raw organic apple cider vinegar mixed with apple juice.  Her exact recipe is 2 tablespoons to one 8 oz glass of water or apple juice. She says that mixing it with apple juice makes it go down quick and easy, so that works well for kids.  At the onset of a cold, this is the first drink that her family quickly takes.  She made me one and it was tasty!

Val also told me that the cheap distilled variety is not beneficial because all of the antioxidants and vital ingredients are taken out during the distilling process.  She buys the Bragg brand that specifically says "from the mother" and my own mother tells me to purchase this same brand!
Dr. Ramsey agrees and says that true raw organic apple cider vinegar is a natural miracle drink that has been used for centuries to cure all kinds of ailments from head to toe.  You can read more about this on Dr. Ramsey's wonderful website at 

Feel free to share your home remedy ideas here in the comments section.  Share and be well!