Day of Healing for Tucson children

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TUCSON, Ariz. --Children across Tucson have also been trying to make some sense of the shooting tragedy.

Sunday they got a chance to share their feelings at a 'Day of Healing' on the northwest side.

Natalia Sloan, 9, is hard at work.  Painting a peace sign she hopes will send a simple message.

"I've always dreamed in my life that everywhere there's peace and hope and I decided maybe I should try drawing that," said Natalia Sloan.

Dozens of children joined Natalia for a Day of Healing Sunday at the Casas Adobes Congregational United Church of Christ.

Since the shooting tragedy at the Safeway on Ina and Oracle, they've experienced an array of emotions, fear, peace and even courage.

"I'm really sad and I really wish that if we could go back to the past, I really wish that I would be there to at least help," Natalia.

"I've noticed that shes definitely a little changed by all of this, she feels scared sometimes and wary of what we used to think was a wonderful place to grow up," said Donna Sloan, Natalia Sloan's mother.

Which is why religious leaders decided to put the event together.  They say a lot of times when a tragedy happens, we forget to focus on the healing of our children.

"We don't do that because we don't care about our children, we're just all caught up in our own feelings and reactions," said Associated Pastor Marie Bacchiocchi of the Casas Adobes Congregational United Church of Christ.

A simple arts and crafts activity gives the children a chance to reflect on the tragedy, one that took the life of their peer, 9-year-old Christina Green.   Her memory shines in Natalia's peace signs.

"She thought that everybody would have the right, something like this wouldn't happen and if you had a problem a better way to solve it was with your words, not with your actions," said Natalia.

Several religious leaders from across Tucson participated in the Day of Healing.