Greenway University - What you need to know about launching a medical marijuana dispensary

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PHOENIX -- The newest industry in the state -- medical marijuana -- has sparked all kinds of discussion.

This weekend, Gus Escamilla, the founder of Greenway University, will be in town for a unique event designed to help people interested in becoming part of this growing industry.

"We aim to not only educate on the laws and how they work, but also on how to go about opening a dispensary, techniques and information on cultivation, in addition to holding seminars by industry experts throughout the Valley and the nation," Escamilla said. "This is going to be a thriving industry which can really boost the local economy, but only if it's done right. We hope to drive the message of how important it is to have education before implementation."

Escamilla sat down with Kaley O'Kelley to talk about Greenway University's upcoming two-day event.