What's to become of shooting victim memorial sites around Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's been a place of healing and reflection for the town, memorials have popped up around Tucson since the shooting tragedy.

Now, what to do with all those well wishes.

Ever since January 8, when Gabby and the other victims showed up at UMC, the memorial in front of the hospital has been growing day by day.  And now that Gabby is in Houston, questions are abounding of what to do with all the stuff.

The memorial out front of UMC means a lot to a lot of different people.

"It's certainly shown me and I think not only our country but the entire world what Tucson is all about," said Giffords' husband Mark Kelly.

And ever since it began taking shape, countless pieces have been added every day.

"Everytime I come out here there are more pieces added so its very hard to know what the full count is," said Stephan Brigham of University Medical Center.

And now that Gabrielle Giffords is heading to rehab, many people wonder what will become of the shrines that have popped up across the Old Pueblo.

"We're gonna start here at UMC, the Safeway, her office to pack up things that are left that are important and store those for future use and reference," said Brigham.

That process should begin on Saturday.  The items will be documented, even photographed and then taken to a storage unit, not a dump site.

"This is a historical event, significant event for Tucson, and for the country so we felt we had to document it," said Stephan Brigham from University of Arizona.

Documents like the one left behind by Julie McIntyre.

"It does something for us and makes us feel apart of it and that is special to us because we're all from Tucson," said memorial visitor Julie McIntyre.  "Not something she is going through but something we're all going through together."

Brigham says an event is scheduled some time in the near future out front of UMC to commemorate the memorial and all that was left behind.  No word though on when that will be.