Giffords gets last look at Tucson before long rehab in Houston hospital

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford's got a good look Thursday of the Catalina mountains before heading to Houston Friday to begin intensive rehabilitation.

This photo from Gifford's' Facebook page shows her husband Mark Kelly taking her on a quick trip to the rooftop of University Medical Center.

Saturday marks two weeks since the tragic shooting in Tucson that killed 6 people and injured a dozen others including Giffords.

And she will spend the weekend beginning the next step of her recovery at a facility in Houston.

Her husband explained how he came to the decision.

"I know one of the first things Gabby is going to want to do as soon as she's able to, is start writing thank you notes," said Mark Kelly.   "And I've already reminded her of that."

Mark Kelly, the husband of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, took the opportunity to thank the doctors and nurses and emergency workers who helped save his wife, and the community for keeping them in their thoughts and prayers.

"What this has done is it's shown me and I think not only our country but the entire world what Tucson is all about," said Kelly.  "And I know my wife Gabrielle would be very proud of how this community responded to this very tragic situation."

The next step in her recovery will take Gifford's from Tucson, to Houston where Kelly lives. He chose the TIRR rehab hospital largely because of its reputation treating patients with penetrating brain injuries.

"But really what was a critical factor in this decision is the fact its going to let me be there by her side as much as possible, every single day," said Kelly.

But Giffords will return to Tucson.  And Kelly believes it'll be sooner than some expect.

"I'm extremely hopeful Gabby's going to make a full recovery.  I've told her that.  She recognizes it," said Kelly.  "She's a strong person.  She's a fighter.  She's a fighter like nobody else I know," said Kelly.

"I'm extremely confident she'll be back here and back at work soon.  I've been telling the hospital staff they should expect to see her walking through these halls and into the ICU within a couple months," said Kelly.  "I'm sure of that."

Kelly believes Gabby has attempted to speak, but is unable with the breathing tube in her throat. He says she seems aware of what's going on around her.