Fun and Frugal Home DIY - Using Chalkboard Paint

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Not too long ago, I walked into a high-end boutique that specializes in great home accessories.  My budget right now doesn’t allow me to actually shop there – but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream, make wish lists and yes … get some ideas to try to duplicate at home, right?

So, as I was window-shopping and drooling at all the beautiful additions to create a chic home, I happened upon a little collection of table accessories embellished with chalkboard paint.  That stopped me in my tracks because not only did I love the “funkiness” of the collection, my brain immediately went to “how can I make this myself?”

So, I grabbed a can of chalkboard paint and hit Goodwill and my closet for possible items to transform.

This paint was created for the mom and dad in all of us.  It’s perfect for creating surfaces that kids can go “art crazy” on with only a $1 box of chalk.  Think play tabletops and even walls in your child’s room.  Trust me, they will love it. 

It’s also fun to do a surface in your kitchen.  Paint the inside of a pantry door or even a cabinet inset for an easy “to-do” or shopping list. 

But, what really intrigued me was the creative inspiration for home décor items.  Let your imagination go crazy here.  I resurfaced picture frames, wine bottles, serving trays, planters and votives.  That and yes, those table accessories of wine glasses, chargers and napkin rings that I saw at the boutique. 

And, of course all along the way I learned some tips and tricks to make your project easier.

Spray or Brush-On
I purchased my spray on from Home Depot and the brush-on from Lowe’s.
I went directly for the spray to begin, because, well, I’m impatient and lazy when it comes to any kind of crafting.  It worked great – sprayed on evenly and easily.  But with the spray you have to take the time to mask any area you don’t want to get painted and with some of the objects I chose it was a bit tedious (silver tray, wine glass).  But the outcome was worth it!

The brush-on is perfect for those larger projects – walls, etc.  Use a brush specified for “all paint types” for even application.

I picked up a roll of the blue painter’s tape and used newspaper.  Worked great!

Number of Coats, Drying and Priming
This is CRITICAL to your project’s success!  I applied 2 coats of paint to each project, drying for 1 – 2 hours between coats. 

Then wait 24 hours.  Wait!

Then, take a piece of chalk on its side and prime the surface.  Rub the chalk over the entire surface and then rub it off.  I didn’t have a chalk eraser so I used a sock and it was perfect.  This primes your surface and gets it ready to write on.  It changes the color from deep black to dark gray if you’re using the black color.

Speaking of Color
This paint has really evolved.  I still like the look of a black chalkboard so that’s what I used.  But, if you want to match a color for your child’s room – pink, blue, etc.,  check out the tint-able chalkboard paint at Home Depot.  There are about 30 colors you can make.  Some pre-colored paints are also available online. 

This project ended up being extremely fun, creative, easy and really, really affordable.  If you have the surfaces – I was able to do all my little projects and still have some paint left in the can – for about five bucks!

Now that’s fun DIY!

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