Conference of Mayors focus on civil discourse

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- One of the big national issues coming out of the tragedy in Tucson is improving civil discourse in our country.

What that means is being able to discuss issues in a way that allows both sides, even though they disagree, to come to an understanding.  It's a message Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup was able to bring to Washington Wednesday.

Mayor Walkup took the podium at the U.S. Conference of Mayors where the tragedy in Tucson was a huge topic of discussion. 

Much of it focused on the senselessness of the act, and the victims who died.

"They were all there because they love Gabby, they care about this county, they care about what she's good for. They were exactly what we as mayors should pledge to protect," said Mayor Walkup.

With that, the nation's mayors are signing a civility accord.  An accord to protect citizens with civil discourse and to understand they can have a difference of opinion but share it with civility in society. The mayors are encouraging all political leaders to "choose their words wisely."

"We can't let it stop there," said Walkup.  "We have to convert it into actions, how we govern, how we interrelate.  Let's take it to the schools,"

Walkup was there last week when politicians across southern Arizona made a similar pledge.  At the conference of mayors, these politicians say they're taking the lead on this issue.

We really have got to return to civility, how we treat each other. Treat each other with kindness and respect. and there's no place in our society for abusive behavior.