Treating chronic pain: Patient testimonial

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Michelle Hartley stopped by Your Life A to Z to share her chronic pain story with Lisa Haffner and how Novocur helped get her life back.

Michelle suffered from chronic back pain and ten years ago was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia can cause pain throughout the entire body and for Michelle the pain traveled to her shoulders where she couldn't raise her hands above her head and to her hips which caused her pain when trying to sleep at night. The pain got so bad that one day when shopping, Michelle left a grocery cart in the store because she knew she couldn't get it to her car. Michelle had lost life as she knew it.

Michelle had always been active prior to the diagnosis. She was an avid runner, lifted weights, enjoyed aerobics and worked out five to six times a week. But because of the increasing pain levels she had to abandon all those activities. After her diagnosis Michelle went from specialist to specialist including pain specialists trying different things to combat the pain but nothing worked. It wasn't until her husband heard a Novocur radio ad that they decided to seek their help.

Novocur started Michelle out with three different series of injections that she went back for two weeks at a time. After the first visit and set of injections Michelle didn't feel a difference, after the second set of injections she started to feel a little pain relief and then after the third visit she was able to walk again with no pain. Now, Michelle is able to participate in life again and be active like she once was with lifting weights, walking and low impact aerobics. Michelle continues to go in for her "tune-ups" every three to five months and continues to live pain free thanks to Novocur.

Novocur facilities specialize in non-steroidal pain management procedures with locations in Chandler, North Scottsdale and licensed in facilities that serve the East Valley. They use the latest treatment options that are not available anywhere else to help treat chronic pain.

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