Tucson City Council getting back to work

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TUCSON, Ariz. --There are some more signs things in Tucson are starting to get back to normal.

After canceling last week's meeting, the council is set to meet for the first time since the Safeway shooting.

One city council member who says it'll be tough, but it's time to get back to work.

"It's going to be difficult for some of us," said Kozachik.  "I know that several of us are very emotionally fragile right now."

Images of Tucson's tragedy are still fresh on the mind of council member Steve Kozachik and the rest of the council.

"I know I've had a tough time focusing on this stuff," said Kozachik.

It's back to the table Wednesday to deal with a lot of "stuff" Major issues the city still has to tackle.

"The fact is we still got a budget hole," said Kozachik.  "It existed before the tragedy and you're right we have to refocus."

But Kozachik was to quick to point out, there's no need to rush.

"My approach is going to be go slowly make sure we're making right decisions.  We do have until spring until end of Spring," said Kozachik.   "No reason to go into tomorrow's meeting thinking we have to make all the decisions right now. "

Council members have more than the budget to deal with. Several executive sessions are on tap for Wednesday, including how to move forward as partners with the Rio Nuevo board.

Kozachik says he's impressed with how the city's responded to the tragedy, and now it's time for city leaders to do the same by getting to work on the city's problems.

"We need to answer the questions of the city in a responsible manner," said Kozachik.

Wednesday's city council study session kicks off at 11 A.M.  The regular council meeting starts at 5:30 P.M.