Students return to Pima campus once attended by accused gunman Loughner

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tuesday was the first day back to school for Pima Community College students at the northwest campus.

That's where shooting suspect Jared Loughner studied, before administrators removed him for posting a bizarre video on-line.

Pima students confronted the stress of a new school year, and a sorrow that lingers.

"Really too close to home," said student Erica Rogers.

Many students say it's an eerie feeling, walking the same halls that suspected gunman Jared Loughner once walked.

During the winter break, they watched the video that got Loughner kicked out of school.

"His voice, and walking around a campus you recognize, and just how out of place it is," said Debbie Gootter.

"A little bit creepy, I wouldn't want to hang out with him," said Michael Noble.

"In my writing class we actually wrote a self expression on how we felt about this and then they offered counseling for that so we can help resolve any kind of negative feelings we have."

According to one student, he now shares a class with Loughner's cousin.

He said it was really weird and he doesn't know him.  He actually got a call from him the day before he did that, and decided not to answer it.

"I had three classes today and two of them didn't even acknowledge it," said John Capra.

Another student says only one of his teachers talked about counseling resources, and even read a statement.

"And it was basically saying how the school apologizes for anything that emotionally that might have happened to all the students."

Students say they expect to hear more about Loughner as school gets underway and so far, they appreciate teachers' efforts to address the turmoil.