Police: Missing Goodyear boy found at friend's house

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- After an all-night search, police found a missing Goodyear boy at a friend's house early Wednesday morning.

DeMarco Lewis' mother called police to report her son missing shortly before 11 p.m. Commander Ralph McLaughlin of the Goodyear Police Department said she thought DeMarco, who just turned 10 last week, was with friends but became concerned when he did not come home.

Initially, friends say they last saw DeMarco Lewis shortly after 6 p.m. Tuesday at Centerra Mirage School, which is in the area south of Van Buren Street and Estrella Parkway.

Police spent the night scouring the neighborhood, even using a Department of Public Safety helicopter with an infrared unit to search nearby fields from the air. Officers went door to door and talked to residents of DeMarco's apartment complex as they left for work.

DeMarco's family lives near Centerra and he usually walks to and from school. Police said he had never run away before.

Residents of the area were alerted to the situation by an overnight phone call with a recorded message with DeMarco's description.In addition, police contacted the teachers and staff at Centerra, as well as DeMarco's classmates.

Police located DeMarco shortly after 7 a.m. Wednesday. An officer spotted DeMarco walking out of an apartment to go to school. The boy apparently had spent the night with a friend who lives in the same apartment complex.

"Kids need to make sure their parents know where they're at," McLaughlin said. "Parents need to know if they have their kid's friend over. ... There was obviously a breakdown in communication."